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What's Trending for 2022

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Curves…luscious soft curves. You’ll see a nod to the past and a fresh look to the present. Sofas, chairs, and tables will have a softer, cozier element to them. They will be texturally soft in brushed velvets, durable microfibers, and rich in color.

Softly Curved Sofas Set the Trend for 2022

Furniture crafted of organic materials, such as wood, rattan, and cane with touches of black lend to this look. As we spend more time at home there’s a greater need to connect to the outside elements and world beyond. Nature’s patterns, animal motifs and prints will be found in large-scale wallpaper, art, and rugs to help define this element in the home.

Animal Motifs and Large-Scale Pattern Bring the Outside In

Curved and contoured forms such as table bases will help to distinguish this as a subtle art form and help to ground the space with simplicity.

Curvaceous Table Legs Create Architectural Interest Image CB2

A play on perspective is taking place, with oversized chandeliers creating canopies and delineating the spaces below them. This concept works wonderfully both inside and out.

Oversized Chandelier Defines Living Space

When it comes to fabrics, texture still rings in. Hides, sheepskin, and boucle’ add to the warmth and glamour of a room. A simple faux fur can bring this addition to any room and works from cowgirl to cottage to hi-rise condominium. It’s a universal element that invites a comfort zone.

Cozy Up in a Mongolian Sheepskin Chair Image CB2

For 2022, less is more. Selecting pieces with intent will be important. A clear space leads to a clear mind which transcends into a calmer living space.

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