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Happy to Announce

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

After nearly a decade of being DH Design and Company we are excited to announce the rebranding of our firm to better reflect who we are. We decided to rebrand to better represent the practice we have become and are excited to bring our new name and fresh business model to our clients.

The brand-new Sea and Pine Interior Design encompasses all the virtues and ethos which we have always prided ourselves on. We are a design led practice dedicated to bringing beautiful and functional bespoke interior design to our clients.

So What’s New…

· Your love of on-line shopping allowed us to create services with a click of a button. Now you can select a consult or shop the look from the comfort of your home.

· You expressed a preference to meet virtually, collaborate technically, and work together to build that long desired dream space. So, we designed a hybrid model to meet your interior design needs incorporating our proven process from inception of the design to the big reveal.

· With folks staying local, there’s a dramatic interest in the vacation rental market. So, we created Design for Profits, a service offering to optimize your design, maximize your profits, and turn an average stay into an exceptional stay.

The award-winning Sea and Pine Interior Design firm is now designing from the Sea to the Sierras with tailored services to meet all your interior design needs.

Visit our new site at or follow us at Dashaindesign on Instagram. We are extremely grateful for your ideas, inspiration, and loyalty. We couldn’t have done it without you. Wishing you all the goodness life has to offer.

Dasha Hervey

Chief Creative with Sea and Pine Interior Design

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